"I knew I needed a change (what I really needed was a heart change!) and that process began when I made the decision to enter The Fold."

~ Casey, Resident


Regardless of your family situation, we believe The Fold can help. We want to provide a safe place and a new beginning where parents know they are not alone. For over 40 years we have seen profound levels of growth and transformation in the families that we serve.
The Fold provides quarterly parent seminar weekends, individual, marital and family counseling and practical resources to help families on their journey toward hope and healing in Christ. We receive excellent feedback about the effectiveness of our counseling, seminars and training.

“I can’t express enough how the teaching, the listening ears, the encouragement, the understanding, the hugs, the personal stories have changed our lives. It is almost impossible to express how deeply our hearts have been touched and bolstered by spending time with the other parents as well. Some of them, who have walked this path a bit before us, are able to give us ideas of what has helped them and also of stories of growth and hope in their families. They provide invaluable support and know how to pray like no one else. It is such a safe environment and one of deep understanding, uplifting and with a real sense of learning and community.”
– Melissa, mother of a resident