"Trials still came and will always come, but now I know how I should handle them. I saw the evidence that God was starting to clean up my life. One of the key verses for me, especially during these trials, has been James 1:2-4, because it talks about the fruit of the trials. It builds an unbreakable perseverance."

~ Jon, Boys' Home Resident

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  • Teens who are 13-17 years old
  • Those who have made repeatedly made poor choices when faced with peer pressure.
  • Young people having difficulty expressing their emotions in a healthy way.
  • Students with little or no respect for authority.
  • Teens who have experienced some form of physical, emotional or sexual abuse in the past.
  • Those who have difficulty performing well in school due to behavioral issues or learning disabilities.
  • Teens who have received diagnoses of various kinds and been prescribed behavior medication.
  • Students who have experimented with drugs & alcohol, but are not chemically dependent.
  • Young people who struggle with self-harm
  • Those coming from homes struggling with divorce, death, a parent in jail, or other traumatic events.
  • Teens who are on probation or have been in other treatment programs.
  • Ready or Willing to commit to a voluntary program. A teen cannot be placed at The Fold by a third party without the teen’s consent.


Behaviors and characteristics in young people that we are NOT equipped to deal with:
  • Teens who are currently in state custody (including teens adjudicated as “sex offenders.”)
  • Actively suicidal, needing a 24-hour suicide watch.
  • Chemically dependent upon drugs or alcohol (Students can participate in a 30 day detox before entering The Fold’s program).
  • Expressed consistent and extreme physical aggression toward peers or others.
  • Girls who are pregnant.
  • Individuals requiring extensive medical care due to serious medical conditions.
  • Teens whose behavior requires a 24-hour lock down facility.
  • Students whose first language is something other than English.
  • Teens not desiring help or recognizing a need to change.