"Trials still came and will always come, but now I know how I should handle them. I saw the evidence that God was starting to clean up my life. One of the key verses for me, especially during these trials, has been James 1:2-4, because it talks about the fruit of the trials. It builds an unbreakable perseverance."

~ Jon, Boys' Home Resident

Praying for Resident at HonoringPray

One of the greatest ways you can support The Fold is to pray for our residents and staff.

Ongoing prayer requests are:

  • Please pray for the teens and families we serve at The Fold, that they may receive and embrace God's grace and healing power in their lives.
  • Please pray for our staff, that they will be equipped with strength, wisdom and words of encouragement and hope for the teens and families in our care.
  • Please pray for our graduates, that they will continue to live out the truths they learned at The Fold and see God's goodness in their lives each day.

We also send out monthly prayer calendars. If you would like to receive our prayer calendar by email or US Mail, please click here.