"I learned that God's love is the only thing that we need in our lives. Nothing else is going to make us happy, or satisfied. I learned that I could trust Him in the best times and the hardest times of my life."

~Sabrina, Girls' Home Resident

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Spring 2017 - The Power of God's Love

Spring 2017 Newsletter“Deep faith in the power of Christ’s transformative love forms the very heart of the program.” ~Lizzy

Winter 2016 - Celebrating 50 Years

Winter 2016 Newsletter“As parents we had tried everything. There was not a stone left unturned. We were desperate for help! We had done years of counseling, lots of praying and involvement at church, we had made hard choices and shown tough love with consequences, nothing helped. While at The Fold, we started to see a joy and peace in our daughter that had never existed before.“ -Holly, Parent

Fall 2016 - Affirming My Identity

Fall 2016 Newsletter“I knew The Fold would help her deal with the pain of her past, the pull of the culture, and help point her to the love of God, The Father, and to her Savior, Jesus Christ,” - Natalie

Summer 2016 - Plans of Hope

Summer 2016 Newsletter“I feel like I have found the last piece of the puzzle that was missing.” - Isabella

Spring 2016 - Called for a Purpose

Spring 2016 Newsletter“A match made in heaven. An educational opportunity that is music to your ears.” Holly Goodwin, Principal