"Before I came to The Fold I didn't think God existed. Now I know God not only exists, but He loves me perfectly and is faithful and trustworthy."

~Sabrina, Girls' Home Resident

Dinner in the Boys Home

Engaged Faith

While your schedule would look different depending on your role, one aspect is consistently true for all staff: you would be living out your faith every day, in every situation. We believe the best way to minister is through relationships. These are not shallow or manipulative relationships, with an attitude of superiority. Instead, you relate to residents from the outflow of your own heart, understanding that God has been gracious to you, so you want to share His love with others.

Staff and Girls Home ResidentWhen we consider the hard facts, many of us would say that we only live out of our faith during certain parts of the week, Sundays at Church, Wednesdays at youth group and so on.  At The Fold, this lifestyle would be challenged as all of your time, in all you do, would need to be an outflow of your faith relationship with Christ. This is one of the greatest areas of personal growth for each staff member.

Through accountability, relationship with leadership staff and daily living in a ministry environment you will learn how to submit all areas of your life to the Lord. You will also reap the great benefits of this life. Your time here will be challenging and demanding, but you will find that, "hard isn't bad, and easy isn't necessarily good." God is faithful to complete the work He started in you. This kind of engaged faith allows God to continue doing the transforming work of Christ in your life.